News - November 2014

Comet 67P

Astronomy Year in Review

November 30, 2014

We’re at the beginning of a new year; a great time to look back on 2014, a year of innovation and discovery in space science. We have to start the list with Rosetta, because it was truly the...Read More

Rosetta and Comet 67P

Rosetta’s Longest Day

November 12, 2014

If you’re preparing for a late night and early morning for the Rosetta lander launch you might be interested in the sequence of critical steps necessary to land Philae on comet 67P. The first...Read More

Chang’e 5-T1 capsule

First Lunar Return Mission in Four Decades

November 4, 2014

News of a successful Chinese lunar return mission has been lost amidst the glare of private US space set-backs. Reports of the first Chinese return flight to the Moon have been overshadowed by the...Read More