The perfect astonomy gift

Wrap up an out-of-this-world gift and give your loved one a star! Adopting a star is a unique way to honour a new birth or birthday, special anniversary, a different way to say I love you, or simply a gift for that person who has everything. Our memorial star option can also be a special way to remember a loved one who has passed away.

For $65, your personalised Adopt A Star pack includes:

  • A personalised certificate with your star coordinates
  • A laser cut wood star to keep as a memento
  • A star map so you can find your star’s location in the night sky (the star itself is not visible, only its location)
  • Information about the constellation the star is in
  • One adult or two child passes to Stardome (valid for a regular show only, one-year expiry)
  • A personalised viewing of your star in Stardome's planetarium on the date of your visit (subject to availability, bookings essential)

Purchasing an Adopt a Star pack helps Stardome (a registered charitable trust) continue to share astronomical knowledge and education with the public and schools of Auckland. The money raised from Adopt a Star sales goes towards our open days, upgrading planetarium shows and reaching out to students as part of our education programme.

PURCHASE AN ADOPT A STAR PACK – To purchase an Adopt a Star pack please fill out the online form

Terms and Conitions

  • The position of the star selected will be visible from your selected location but the star itself will not be. On the darkest of nights, away from city lights, no more than 5,000 stars can be seen with the unaided eye.  However, the constellation where your star belongs should be able to be identified using the star chart provided. 
  • A constellation representing a person’s ‘star sign’ is not readily visible on their birthday as it will be too close to the sun, therefore a star in this constellation will not be chosen.
  • An official star catalogue name and/or number is cross-referenced on the presentation certificate you receive.
  • You do not get naming or ownership rights to the star.
  • The adoption programme is a donation to Stardome Observatory & Planetarium and does not constitute any legal ownership or property entitlement.
  • Stardome does not accept liability for the star after it has left Stardome and your dispatch email has been sent.
  • The courier cost only covers shipping within New Zealand. We do not ship to overseas addresses. Please provide us with a New Zealand address. 
  • Please allow ten working days to process your application. 

Occasionally customers visit hoping that an Adopt a Star package can be prepared while they wait. We regret that this is not possible.


Please email