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26 November 2019

Government funding for NZ space mission control centre

Japanese spacecraft heads home with asteroid samples

Voyager 2 data raises questions about interstellar space

Supernovas more powerful than anyone imagines

India confirms its Vikram lander crashed on the Moon

Black holes may be completely different to what we thought

The 11 biggest unanswered questions about dark matter

Most massive neutron star almost shouldn’t exist – further reading here

Last transit of Mercury until 2032

Russia keeping cause of ISS hole secret

LRO fails to find India’s ‘Vikram’ lander on Moon’s surface

Nobody knows what gravity is

Dead satellite near miss

Asteroid impact on Jupiter confirmed

Water vapour on super-Earth

India finds lost lunar lander – further reading here and here

Cometary interloper from another solar system

Thousands of tardigrades litter the moon after crash

NASA activates deep space atomic clock

US military assesses strategic value of cislunar space

NASA used to think female astronauts needed makeup

Aussie prospector finds large rare meteorite 4.6 billion years old

Virgin Galactic space port opens for tourists

Bernie Sanders will tell about aliens if elected President

Rocket Lab to catch booster rockets with a helicopter

Rocket Lab eighth flight launches four satellites

Chang’e-4 rover sends stunning photos of Moon’s far side

Another comet falls into the Sun

Satellites launched from NZ will be tracked to monitor traffic and debris

Concern over Starlink satellite failures

Astronomers very concerned about SpaceX’s megaconstellation

Dark sky astro tourism centre opens in Tekapo

Curiosity Rover 7-year anniversary on Mars

European Mars lander suffers parachute damage in test

New Zealand withdraws from Square Kilometre Array Project

TESS space telescope finds its smallest planet so far