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NASA regains access to space from US soil

2 days ago

In the early morning hours of 21 July 2011, NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis landed at the Kennedy shuttle landing complex in Florida. It may have looked like a standard space shuttle landing, but...Read More

A Success in Perseverance

March 12, 2021

After a 6-month, 480,000,000-kilometre journey through deep space, NASA’s Perseverance rover finally reached Mars in the morning hours of February 19th, 2021. It endured the entire EDL (Entry,...Read More

Humans Persevere to Mars

February 4, 2021

Mark your calendars! February 19 will be a day to remember, as NASA’s most advanced rover ever built, Perseverance, heads for the surface of Mars. In just a few short weeks, people all over the...Read More

Landing on an asteroid

November 9, 2020

Why has a team from NASA just spent more than two years looking for the ideal parking spot on an asteroid called Bennu? Find out why the OSIRIS-REX mission is so important and what scientists are...Read More

Mars is ready for its close-up in 2020!

October 2, 2020

Mars Opposition 2020 In the skies above us, the planets orbit at different rates. Sometimes those orbits align to give us a close-up view of something special and over the next couple of months...Read More

Busy month for Mars missions

September 1, 2020

Did you know Mars has a busy season? In July three new Mars missions, from different countries, launched from Earth in just 11 days. The United Arab Emirates launched its Mars Hope mission on 19...Read More