Last night (Friday 21 October) Stardome customers and space fans were treated to a talk from former NASA astronaut Colonel Rick Searfoss. He visited Stardome to share his experiences as a NASA astronaut and exciting space travel experiences!

Rick Searfoss is a retired United States Air Force colonel, NASA astronaut and test pilot. Selected by NASA in 1990 and completing training in 1991, Searfoss went on to serve as STS-58 pilot on the life science research mission onboard the Space Shuttle Columbia which launched in 1993, pilot the 1996 STS-76 aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis on a nine-day mission and command a seven-person crew on the STS-90 Neurolab mission also launched in 1996.

The missions Searfoss completed provided NASA with vital information about the effects of space travel and microgravity. The STS-90 Neurolab mission targeted one of the most complex and least understood parts of the human body – the nervous system. The results from these missions have gone on to assist with future space missions.

Colonel Searfoss has spent over 39 days in space and orbited Earth 636 times as part of his career with NASA. He is now a commercial test astronaut for Xcor, a private spaceflight company and rocket engine development company.

Both the 7pm and 8pm audiences enjoyed hearing about his experiences and had great questions on space travel, how to become an astronaut and the future of space exploration.

Big thank you to Armageddon Expo for making this happen!