Taking a School Trip to Stardome

A trip to Stardome aims to support your class plan and show your students fundamental principles of astronomy and how amazing space is! We encourage curious minds and want young people to ask the BIG questions – what else is out there? How far can we go? How did it all begin?

During the trip to Stardome, depending on the year level, your students will enjoy a classroom session, time in the Space Gallery & Exhibits area, and a planetarium show in the 360-degree theatre. This immersive experience brings to life the concepts and ideas of astronomy and space exploration.

Stardome is proud to be a recognised LEOTC provider with an education programme driven by learning objectives and aligning with the New Zealand curriculum.

Select your class year level below and pick out a package that best suits your learning objectives. Want something that’s not on the list? Contact us on 09 624 1246 xtn:207 or [email protected]

Preschool experience

Preschool Experience

Curiosity about space starts young! Find out more about what’s included in a preschool trip to Stardome.

Primary experience

Primary/Intermediate School Experience

Suitable for years 1 – 8, a school trip to Stardome encourages curious minds and inspires exploration. Find out more here.

Secondary school experience

Secondary School Experience

Astronomy and space science are great science topics to engage with secondary students as they begin to select subjects that will lead them onto continued learning or a career path. Find out more and book your trip.