Important Info and FAQ

Transport to Stardome


We want to make it easy and economical to bring your students on a trip to Stardome.

To make a booking contact Robbies direct:

ph: 09 5202013
mob: 027 6559921

To make a booking, contact Ritchies direct:

ph: 09 415 9138

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Group Expectations

  • Backpacks and strollers cannot be brought into the planetarium. We have limited storage space at Stardome, so if possible, please leave school bags at school or on the bus. Strollers can be stored in the light lock just outside the planetarium.
  • Food cannot be eaten in the Space Gallery & Exhibits area or planetarium. For breaks and lunch we recommend you use the benches provided in the park, and in the case of wet weather, please speak to a Stardome staff member for possible alternative arrangements.
  • Due to limited space, we can only accommodate your group during the scheduled session time.
  • Children should be supervised at all times. Each group is assigned only one educator, so accompanying adults providing assistance or direction will make for a richer, more fulfilling experience.
  • All cell phones, cameras, iPads and other electronic devices must be turned off while in the planetarium.
  • If young children are disruptive in the Space Room or planetarium, accompanying adults may be asked to take them to the Space Gallery & Exhibits area until ready to return.
  • Late arrival will result in a reduced programme. We advise all groups to arrive at reception at least five minutes before their start time. Late arrivals cannot be admitted into the Stardome planetarium. Please allow time to find parking.
  • We expect students to listen to instructions and treat differing ideas with respect. On the rare occasion of serious or unsafe behaviour, a teacher or caregiver may be requested to remove disruptive students.
  • Access to the Edith Winstone Blackwell Zeiss telescope is not normally available to school groups, due to its small capacity. There is no wheelchair access to this instrument.
  • Students are not permitted to enter the Stardome shop, unless specifically requested by the teacher in advance. If you have requested access to the shop, please remind us on arrival.


What if it is raining?

What if we are early or late to our session?

Where can our students have morning/ afternoon tea?

What if we have more/less kids than we booked for?

What else is there to do near you?

Where will the bus park?

Where can I get a coffee?

My class are working on an assignment; can they call you for help?