You may have met Kevin when looking through the courtyard telescopes after a Night Sky show, or seen him behind the BBQ at a Music and Laser Light show. 

How long have you worked at Stardome? 
I’ve been working for Stardome for more than a decade now.

What’s the best part about working here?
The people. The crowds who watch the shows at night, then come out into the backyard and look through the telescopes and for the very first time see those starry objects in the night sky. Seeing the expression on their faces is one of the best moments. Also, the volunteer team who provide an invaluable, integral, experience of the night sky using telescopes.

Tell us your favourite astronomical object
There are various favourites but one that comes to mind is the south celestial pole and using various other wayfinding stellar objects to find south. Knowing how to find south is extremely useful just in case your smartphone runs out of batteries!

Who is your favourite science fiction character and why?
It has to be Mr Foreman, also known as The Doctor. He/She’s brilliant, travels alone at most times, and learns from his or her companions experiences during The Doctor’s Timestream.