If you’ve ever been to an education session or school holiday programme at Stardome you may have run into Vanessa. She is a valuable member of our team with a love of science, teaching and all things spacey!

Stardome Education Manager Vanessa Rancour in front of the new displays at Stardome

How long have you worked/volunteered at Stardome?

I began as a telescope volunteer back in the summer of 2014 and have been part of the education team since autumn of the same year.

What is the best part about being here? 

The best part about being part of the team is when you get an audience that are really into the education or planetarium session. Having a dynamic discussion with an audience, whether they are preschoolers, secondary school students, or adults – it just makes the job the best thing in the world.

Tell us about your favourite astronomical object

My favourite astronomical object is probably the Boomerang Nebula. It has an awesome name, and you can say it is the coolest place in the universe because there is nothing discovered so far with temperatures as low as they are in this nebula.

Who is your favourite science fiction character and why?

My favourite science fiction character is the eleventh doctor because of this quote:

“All the elements in your body were forged many, many millions of years ago in the heart of a faraway star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. After so, so many millions of years, these elements came together to form new stars and new planets. And on and on it went. The elements came together and burst apart, forming shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. Until, eventually, they came together to make you. You are unique in the universe.” – Dr Who