There are two upcoming meteor showers this month.  The first, called the pi-Puppids, are seen emanating in a fan-shaped pattern from the constellation Puppis, which is high in the southern sky after sunset. As the Earth turns, Puppis moves clockwise down towards the southwestern horizon, setting around 2am. The meteor shower occurs between April 15th and 28th, with the peak on 23rd April.

The other meteor shower, called the Lyrids, is more difficult for us observers in the Southern Hemisphere. These meteors appear to emanate from the constellation of Lyra, which is low down in the north before sunrise. Best viewing will be from a dark site around 3-5am on the morning of 22 April, with a best expected peak rate of 10-20 meteors per hour (lower rate observing from the city because of the bright light-polluted sky).

Unfortunately, these showers coincide with a waxing Moon, with Full Moon on the 26th/27th. Hopefully, they will be active enough, and have bright events with trails, so the Moon doesn’t spoil the show too much!