Just published, the 2014 issue of the ‘New Zealand Astronomical Yearbook’, is the 20th edition of this popular guide to the skies – a must-have companion for people with a love of star-gazing.

First published in 1995, its vision was to provide a publication to celebrate the achievements of the local astronomical community.  The 2014 edition has star charts for New Zealand skies and lists the big astronomical events for 2014 as well as articles and editorial exploring these topics:

Details on not one but two, total eclipses of the Moon happening in 2014.

  • Our bodies are about 70% water but have you ever wondered where it all came from? Read about the issue and the current theories.
  • The Mars-one project, a bold goal to take the first budding space pioneers to Mars to found a new colony, which some intrepid Kiwis have stepped forward for.
  • With the growing range of talented astronomers – both amateur and professional – in New Zealand we showcase the work of three exceptional amateurs.

Including full page spreads of stunning astronomical images, with content appealing to amateurs and professionals alike, make this the year that you re-establish your connection with the beauty of the stars and planets that our forebears knew so well.

Only $20.

The 2014 NZ Astronomical Yearbook is available nationwide now, from all major book retailers and supermarkets and from the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium shop.