If you’re up before dawn this weekend and look to the north low on the horizon you might catch the Perseids meteor shower.  The meteorites will radiate from the constellation Perseus, low in the sky from a couple of hours before dawn.    Famous for producing large numbers of bright meteors, the Perseids are visible every year from mid-July to mid-August.  They peak this year on the 11th , 12th, and 13th.

Here’s how to spot them:

  • Be up early (3-4am)
  • Be somewhere elevated & dark with minimal light pollution
  • Look to the North
  • Watch for bright shoots of light ‘radiating’ from a centre low on the horizon.

Background on the Perseids:

  • Produced by comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862.
  • Happen annually from mid-July to mid-August
  • Named after the Greek god Perseus – which is the constellation they radiate from

As with all sky-gazing, the one factor that can’t be predicted is the weather, so we’d advise keeping an eye on the forecast the night before.

The next best meteor showers will be in October and December.

Keep Looking Up!
The team at Stardome