Astrophotography Exhibition

The popular, awe-inspiring Astrophotography Exhibition is back! Explore the fascinating displays showcasing some of the top entries of the 2019 New Zealand Astrophotography Competition.

October 14 – October 27 

Run by the Auckland Astronomical Society, this popular competition gives both budding photographers and seasoned professionals a chance to showcase their incredible skills in capturing the beauty of our Universe. Entrants compete for the highly coveted Harry Williams Trophy.

This year’s competition is being judged by none other than ‘Bad Astronomer’ Phil Plait! Phil is an American astronomer, skeptic, writer and popular science blogger. He is best known for debunking misconceptions in astronomy but is also a well-known astrophotography enthusiast.

This year, the winners won’t be announced until after the exhibition so wander through this fantastic exhibition, take your pick with who you think will come out on top, and then compare your choices to Phil’s once the results come out in November!

The Exhibition is on for a limited time. Open from 14 – 27 October during regular Stardome hours. Entry is included in the Space Gallery & Exhibits fee. No need to book. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the beauty in these stunning images.