Lunar Eclipse Special Sighting

Join us for a (super!) late-night celebrating the Moon.

Lunar Eclipse 2018

See a planetarium show, look through the telescopes, watch NASA TV’s live stream,  take your own astrophotography images of the Moon, grab something to eat at the food trucks on site (think: coffee, gelato, donuts and fries!) and wander through our special ‘Lunar Exhibition’ in the Matariki Room.

In the early hours of the morning, witness the lunar eclipse alongside fellow lunar-enthusiasts!

Get into your PJ’s (we won’t judge!) and bring the kids for this special event. 

January 31 – February 1. 8PM3AM. $5 per person

No need to book. Come in as you please!


PS: If you own a DSLR camera, bring it along with a tripod and take your own photos of the lunar eclipse, alongside some of our photo-enthusiasts!. Zoom lenses over 100+ mm are recommended.

PPS: A lunar eclipse happens gradually, so at the stroke of midnight, it won’t suddenly become blood-red (unfortunately!) The timeline for celestial events happening on the evening is…


8:15pm: Supermoon will rise in the East

11:51pm: Moon begins to enter Earth’s shadow

12:48am: Moon begins to turn red

1:51am: Earliest you will see the Moon in full redness

2:29am: PEAK! Moon is maximum redness

3:07am: Latest you will see the Moon in full redness


PPPS: What makes this sighting even cooler than usual is the fact that there will also be a supermoon and a blue moon on the night of the lunar eclipse. Read more on the three celestial phenomena occurring simultaneously here.