Lunar Eclipse Special Sighting

Join us for a (super!) late-night celebrating the Moon.

Lunar Eclipse 2018

See a planetarium show, look through the telescopes, watch live streams, learn how to take your own astrophotography images of the Moon, and wander through our special ‘Lunar Exhibition’ in the Matariki Room.

In the early hours of the morning, witness the lunar eclipse alongside fellow lunar-enthusiasts!

Get into your PJ’s (we won’t judge!) and bring the kids for this special event. 

January 31 – February 1

 8PM3AM. $5 per person

No need to book. Come in as you please!

PS: What makes this sighting even cooler than usual is the fact that there will also be a supermoon and a blue moon on the night of the lunar eclipse. Read more on the three celestial phenomena occurring simultaneously here.