Mad About Mars – OPEN NIGHT

UPDATE: We are currently experiencing longer than expected lines into the gallery, the planetarium and the telescopes. We are trying out best to make sure everyone gets a chance to Mars-gaze!

The Red Planet will be a beauty to the unaided eye this July onwards, as it comes the closest to Earth it will be for the next 17 years! 

Mars at Opposition Open Night Mad About Mars

Join us on the night of Mars opposition when Earth, the Sun and Mars line up. While Mars will still be visible for some stellar public viewing from mid-July through to the end of August, we wanted to celebrate the night of opposition with a fun, family viewing event. 

Those who want the perfect view of Mars overhead past midnight can hang around until the early hours of the morning…but be sure to rug up warm before you come on down and chill (literally)! Mars won’t be visible over the horizon from our spot at the foot of Maungakiekie until at least 9pm, but that’s not to say there aren’t other things to keep everyone entertained! There will be food trucks from 6pm, short planetarium shows, hangout zones, the Zeiss telescope and our regular courtyard telescopes pointed at other planets and faraway star clusters in-between Mars-gazing.

If you’ve ever wanted a casual and fun opportunity to come and see what goes on at a planetarium, then tonight is your night!

  • Friday 27 July
  • 6PM-LATE
  • $5 per person

No need to book. Come as you please.

We’re lucky to have several other stunning planets on display during the night (think: witnessing Saturn’s beautiful rings!) If the current dust storms raging on Mars (which unfortunately may blur our viewing slightly), then don’t fret! Mars’ neighbours are also quite spectacular through a telescope.

Why have we gone Mad About Mars? Find out more about this special celestial sight and the other events we have during July and August here.