May the Fourth


May the Fourth Stardome at celebrate you must.

Recommended 6+

May the Fourth at Stardome

Celebrate International Star Wars Day at Stardome with a night full of snacks, drinks, dress ups, and Jedi Masters!

Join us for a Star Wars themed planetarium show exploring the galactic empire and experience what it’s like to fly across the Milky Way to galaxies far, far away! Everyone is welcome, even if you’ve gone to The Dark Side.

Dress up as your favourite Star Wars character and you’ll go in the draw to win Stardome and Star Wars themed prizes! Members of Outpost 42 Garrison of the 501st Legion will be attending, so be sure to dress up so you can capture your evening with a snap next to the Storm Troppers and our AT-AT. 

Tickets include a glass of wine or beer (R18, ID required) or juice and snacks.

May the Fourth at Stardome Star Wars

Image: May the Fourth at Stardome 2016 featuring members of Outpost 42 Garrison of the 501st Legion.


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