Our Big Blue Marble – Winter School Holiday Fun!

Recommended 5 -12 years

School Holidays Programme Winter Fun

We love Earth! Spend these school holidays exploring our beautiful blue planet. 

The adventure will start in the Space Room where you’ll take part in fun and collaborative crafts and activities all about Earth. Then, you’ll head outside to our beautiful green space (weather permitting) and launch water-powered rockets up into the blue sky! Finishing up in the planetarium, you’ll follow two heroes in the immersive 360-degree show Solar System Odyssey, as they explore our big blue marble, and beyond!

Suitable for ages 5 -12 years. Don’t forget to book your spot, seats are limited. 


Please choose a session from the list below to buy tickets securely online. Bookings essential. 

Adult/Senior– $10

Child (3-16 years) – $12

Please note you must arrive at least 15 minutes before the show. Late entry is strictly prohibited. If you arrive late, we can swap your tickets foranother session time, but we cannot offer refunds. Children under three years of age are free. If they who would like their own seat, the $12 child ticket applies

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