Sci-Fi Movie Night: Red Planet Mars

Join our Mad About Mars fun by catching a science-fiction adventure in the planetarium.

Mad About Mars Mars at Opposition Red Planet Mars Science Fiction

The discovery of extra-terrestrial life on Mars triggers a series of events which forever change life on Earth in this classic 1952 science fiction film.

American scientists Chris and Linda Cronyn, utilise a recent technological invention which allows them to make contact for the first time with the Martian beings. Follow the adventure as chaos unravels and the world starts to face shattering political, economic, and spiritual repercussions. A unique piece of ‘50s sci-fi, the film reflects the wonder and imagination with which we once regarded the previously unknown world of Mars and shows how far we have come in the last 60 years.

Includes a drink and popcorn.
(R18, ID required for wine or beer). Rated PG.

Why have we gone Mad About Mars? The Red Planet will be a beauty to the unaided eye during July and August, as it comes the closest to Earth it will be for the next 17 years. Find out more about this special celestial sight and the other events we have during July and August here. 

Please note: this is not a 360-degree planetarium show


Please choose a session from the list below to buy tickets securely online.

  • Adult – $25
  • Child – $15

Tickets include a glass of wine or beer (R18, ID required) or juice and popcorn.

Rated PG. 

Please note: this is not a 360-degree planetarium show

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