Winter School Holidays – Our Big Blue Marble

We love Earth! Spend these school holidays exploring our beautiful blue planet. 

Recommended 5 -12 years

School Holidays Programme Winter Fun

We look forward to seeing you Earthlings at Stardome for an exciting Earth exploration! Learn more about the three-part programme below. Suitable for 5-12 years. Total programme time is 1.5 hours. Don’t forget to book, seats are limited.

School Holidays Programme Winter Fun

The adventure will start in the Space Room where you’ll take part in fun and collaborative crafts and activities all about Earth.

We’ll start with an exciting (and hilarious!) science demonstration. Then, you’ll help us ‘grow’ our large installation tree by creating a personalised craft piece relating to the seasons and hang it on the tree’s branches. You can also play with the VR headsets exploring Earth from above and avoiding the space junk falling from the sky! Discover how we can look after our planet with sustainable energy by playing with the light crank. Showcase your muscles and use your strength to power enough energy for a light bulb! Finish up your Space Room adventure by exploring Earth’s atmosphere and why we can survive here compared to Venus and Mars!

School Holidays Programme Winter Fun

After your Space Room experience, you’ll head outside to our beautiful green space (weather permitting). Join in on the countdown and launch water-powered rockets up into the blue sky.

School Holidays Programme Winter Fun

Your Earth exploration will finish up in the planetarium. Experience a presenter-led kids Night Sky show to learn about the planets, stars and constellations visible from our spot on Earth. You’ll also watch the immersive 360-degree show called Solar System Odyssey. You’ll follow two heroes as they head out on an adventure and explore our big blue marble…and beyond!


Please choose a session from the list below to buy tickets securely online. Bookings essential. 

Adult/Senior– $10

Child (3-16 years) – $12

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the session. The planetarium environment is dark, so late entry into this area is strictly prohibited. We can swap your tickets for another session time, but we cannot offer refunds. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult throughout the 1.5-hour programme. The planetarium environment is not recommended for children aged two and under. If you wish to bring a child two and under, and they would like their own seat, the $12 child ticket applies. 

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