WISE: Women in Science Exhibition

15 – 29 August

Women in Science

Is the representation and recognition of women in science still a work in progress? You know the names Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein and Ernest Rutherford. But have you heard of Cecilia Payne, Emmy Noether or Beatrice Tinsley? These are some of the wisest, most extraordinary contributors to science; yet most of us have no idea who they are.

WISE: Women in Science Exhibition explores the past, present and future of the role women play in science fields; showcasing how much these hidden heroes have contributed to STEM over the past 200 years.

WISE hopes to encourage, educate and excite and looks to open the eyes and doors for those hoping to one day become one of these heroes (hopefully minus the ‘hidden’) themselves.

A mini-exhibition and interactive display, WISE walks back in time and looks forward to the future, to facilitate an open discussion on how far we have come, but also how far we have to go, in ensuring inclusivity and equality for all.

Open during regular Stardome hours, 15-29 August. Entry included in Space Gallery fee.