Stardome Observatory and Planetarium is pleased to welcome two new trustees to the Auckland Observatory and Planetarium Trust Board.

Cadence Kaumoana and Geoff Lamb are set to join the Board due to member retirement and rotation.

Cadence has a strong background in the education sector having spent almost 20 years working in schools, communities, government and tertiary sectors. Cadence has a number of university qualifications and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Auckland. Supporting young people in education is a driving influence in Cadence’s career and training. She also has experience in Māori education, the corporate sector and governance. Cadence enjoys aligning the maramataka (Māori calendar) to her lifestyle planning and gardening activities and spends as much time enjoying our country with her four boys.

Geoff Lamb is a mechanical engineer and manager with 20 years’ experience in a range of fields including aerospace, marine, automotive ad building services engineering. He has a proven record of planning and delivering complex projects and business strategies and is currently an engineer in the design team at Rocket Lab, contributing to the efforts to mass-produce Electron rockets. He has been keen on all things aviation and space since he could walk; flying with Auckland Aero club as a teenager, working as an engineer with Air New Zealand for nine years, administering aviation apprenticeships with Service IQ, and leading unmanned helicopter efforts for Yamaha New Zealand. Geoff has two school-aged daughters and is enthusiastic to excite kids about science and learning. 

Cadence and Geoff’s extensive experience across education, governance, strategy, and science, and their passion for encouraging a life-long love of learning, make them both great fits for the Auckland Observatory and Planetarium Trust Board. The Board looks forward to working with them in the leadership and strategic development of Stardome.

Chairperson Geoff Mason has now retired from the Board after serving for three terms. The Board wish him all the best and thank him for his time and leadership as a trustee and chair. Geoff is replaced as chair by existing trustee, Richard Sorrenson. The Board are looking forward to Richard’s leadership in guiding Stardome’s vision, mission and management.