We’ve collected a list of 10 (okay, 11. We got excited) great websites for those embarking on the journey into astronomy. Take a look at some of our favourite sites to visit.

1.     NASA – NASA is the home to all current space science news but the fun doesn’t end at the main website. There are lots of off shoot websites from NASA with useful resources. Visit the NASA Eclipse site for dates of the next lunar and solar eclipses, watch NASA TV and get insight into the ISS Expedition, lose an hour or five in the amazing NASA images site or take a look at the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

2.     Auckland Astronomical Society – You don’t have to venture out on this astronomical adventure alone. Join the Auckland Astronomical Society and meet each week to listen to experts, watch films and network with like-minded people.

3.     Space.com – Space.com is one of those sites that you go back to several times in the day. One visit is never enough.

4.     Sky & Telescope – A great online resource from a great astronomy publication. A fantastic read, especially for those starting out with telescopes. You can pick up the print version from the shop at Stardome

5.     Lunar Perigee and Apogee calculator – If Moon watching is your thing then this website will be infinitely useful.

6.     Space Calendar – Over 4,200 links to space related activities, anniversaries and comet and asteroid activity.

7.     Space Weather  – If you’d rather talk solar wind, flares and geomagnetic storms then you need to read Space Weather. There’s no Jim Hickey but it’s good all the same.

8.     NZ Time and Date – Before you head out to look at the stars get the official sunrise and sunset times. The site includes the weather forecast too – useful for those early starts or late nights.

9.     Stellarium – This free resource is a planetarium for your computer. Great if you just can’t wait for the sun to go down. Download, set your coordinates and go!

10.  HubbleSite – More amazing images than you’ll have time to look at. Enjoy the magnificent views or find out more about the Hubble telescope.

11.  Bonus links: Representing Kiwi astronomy is StardomeSpace Place in Wellington and Earth and Sky, Lake Tekapo. There are lots of fantastic observatories across the country, there’s a list of them here, visit one on your next road-trip!

Keep looking up!