Under Construction

The planetarium is getting an upgrade! 

Planetarium digital upgrade

Keeping up to date with the latest technology in our planetarium is important to us! From Saturday 17 – Friday 23 February, the planetarium will be closed while the team upgrade the system to ensure we are always delivering the best shows possible, in the best quality possible. 

We are installing two new laser projectors, to replace the existing ones which have been operating since 2008. These new projectors will deliver high-contrast 4K images and as a result, the images on the dome will be crisper and more vibrant. Alongside the projectors, the latest application that runs our planetarium shows will be upgraded to ‘Digistar 6.’ This new software has significant rendering improvements and more astronomy data to include in our night sky tours. Visitors can fly into valleys or through mountain ranges on any planet, moon or exoplanet and witness 16K resolution of the surfaces of these foreign worlds.

There will be no planetarium shows from 17-23 February. Stardome will be closed over the weekend 17-18 February, but the Space Gallery & Exhibits will still be open from 10AM-5PM from 19-23 February. All normal hours will resume from 24 February. The upgrade will be well worth the wait, we promise!