New Zealand Astronomical Yearbook 2018

The 2018 New Zealand Astronomical Yearbook is on the shelves! This year’s edition is packed with the latest stories in astronomy and space science.

2018 NZ Astronomical Yearbook


The Yearbook includes the popular monthly star charts as well as articles and editorial exploring the following topics:

  • Finally! Merging Neutron Stars Detected – The biggest astronomy news of the year was the recent announcement that this detection event had occurred, an event which explains how the gold and platinum you own was originally formed.
  • The end of the Cassini Mission – The spacecraft went down in blazing glory after a brilliant mission exploring the Saturnian system.
  • The 2018 Opposition of Mars – The red planet is going to be the closest to Earth it will be for the next 17 years! Grab your telescope, it’s prime time for viewing Mars in 2018.
  • The 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse – It was one of the most talked about events of the year. David Britten tells us about his personal experience chasing the Sun.

We also cover articles about the night sky of Auckland, how to spot beautiful aurorae, profiles on a husband and wife astronomy team and an astrophysicist and the current space missions planned for 2018 – and that’s only naming a few of the topics covered!

The 2018 New Zealand Astronomical Yearbook is available nationwide, from all major book retailers, supermarkets, and from the Stardome shop. You can also order your copy using the form below and your copy will be sent out to you. 

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