The Space Gallery & Exhibits area at Stardome is about to transform with the installation of two new interactive displays and a new layout for the front part of the gallery.

Construction begins on Monday, 10 October in the front part of Stardome’s foyer as the new elements are installed. If you visit Stardome during the construction period, there will be fewer displays to look at and the shop will not be open but the 360-degree planetarium experience will not be affected. There will be fewer car parks available during construction, but parking is available in One Tree Hill Domain (be aware the playground car park is locked at 7pm) or on Haydn Ave.

For the new displays and layout, Stardome worked with tourism and recreation specialists Visitor Solutions and experience designers Locales to develop engaging, interactive displays that showcase space science.

The displays look back to the future, at historic and forthcoming moments in space exploration. The History of Spacecraft display looks back at important events in space exploration, and the Space Tracker display looks forward at some of the current and future space missions.

Stardome is a not-for-profit organisation that has been sharing a love of space since 1967. A small entry charge to the gallery and exhibits of $2 per adult and $1 per child will be introduced to ensure we can continue to offer an astronomical experience to Auckland and to fund additional interactive displays