Even with the glare from the city, we can get pretty spectacular sights in Auckland, as this stunning sunset picture from Chris McLennan for newzealand.com shows.

So what are the best sights in the night sky over New Zealand this month?  The brightest object in the twilight has been Venus, and earlier in September it was twinkling alongside Saturn and the Moon in the Western sky.    You can still see Venus in the western sky up to about 10pm.  Look up from Venus, and you’ll be able to see the constellation Scorpius, or Maui’s fish hook, which is always a enjoyable sight, especially for the first time stargazer.  To be able to pick out the curl of the scorpions tail and the red heart of the scorpion is a real thrill.  Happy stargazing for this month.

September charts 2013

October charts 2013