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Gallery & Exhibits - Friday

Our interactive space gallery is open today from 10:00am - 5:00pm, then 6:00pm-11pm.
Free to Enter.
Planetarium Shows

We are Astronomers

Family8+ years
Fri 27 March, 7:00pm
Planetarium Shows

The Autumn Night Sky

Family8+ years
Fri 27 March, 8:00pm
Planetarium Shows

Double Feature - Passport to the Universe and Dark Universe

Adults12+ years
Fri 27 March, 9:30pm Enjoy a double feature of two popular planetarium shows with the breathtaking Passport to the Universe and the new space show Dark Universe.

Zeiss Telescope

The Zeiss Telescope in the dome is open for public viewing as an add on after the 8pm show on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights (weather permitting). $8 each.

Courtyard Telescope Viewing

Family8+ years
Courtyard telescope viewing is included after the 8pm show tonight. Weather permitting.

Take a school trip to Stardome, where learning about the Universe comes to life.

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